Podcast: Overcoming Common Challenges at Work

Young Professional Series

In this podcast, we explore the challenges that many young professionals today often face in their careers, and how to innovate and overcome them.

Check out the podcast to hear how four successful young leaders are overcoming common obstacles in the workplace, as told by:

  • Shannon Beube, Commercial Banking Solutions Relationship Manager for Regions Bank
  • Chyna Bowen, Regional Director of Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship
  • Kendra Elaine, Millennial Leadership Expert and Certified Corporate Trainer
  • Jason R. Hall, Co-Founder and CEO of Arch to Park, LLC

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Recorded during a Real Talk with Regions live event held at Third Degree Glass Factory in St. Louis, this podcast features some of the city’s top young professionals in an in-depth discussion and is the second of a three-part series. Be sure to check out the first and third parts.

This Next Step Podcast is part of our Young Professionals series presented by Regions Next Step – advice, tools and resources to help you get closer to reaching your unique financial goals. From landing your first job to navigating the workplace and growing your career, our Young Professionals series offers you advice for every step along the way.

Get more tips for navigating life as a young professional.

About Shannon Beube
Shannon Beube serves as Commercial Banking Solutions Relationship Manager for Regions Bank. She joined Regions in 2015 and has managed four of the bank’s retail locations. Shannon opened two of Regions’ new Nexus branches in the St. Louis area.

About Chyna Bowen
Chyna Bowen is a Regional Senior Manager at Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), an award-winning education nonprofit that activates the entrepreneurial mindset in young people. NFTE's Entrepreneurship Pathway program integrates the development of an entrepreneurial mindset with academic and industry skills to ensure NFTE youth are career- and startup-ready.

About Kendra Elaine
As a Millennial Leadership Expert and Certified Corporate Trainer, Kendra Elaine works with staff of several organizations to empower them to become self-motivated leaders. She equips them with the tools to increase their internal leadership through clarity exercises, confidence building and action-based success planning.

About Jason Hall
Jason Hall is the Co-Founder and CEO of Arch to Park, LLC. As an entrepreneur, he is creating a new civic-minded investment firm to accelerate growth in the City of St. Louis. Prior to launching his latest venture, Jason was Vice President of Entrepreneurship & Innovation with the St. Louis Regional Chamber, a member of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s cabinet leading economic development, and the founder of the new Missouri Technology Corporation.



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