Podcast: Millennials Moving Up

Young Professionals Series

In this podcast, you’ll hear from five successful young professionals about moving up in the workplace.

Tune in to hear what they did to set themselves apart, take on leadership positions early in their careers, and achieve their goals in the workplace, as told by:

  • Megan Ganschow, Branch Manager at Regions Bank’s Mill Creek Branch
  • Ben Goldberg, Founder and Co-Owner of Strategic Hospitality
  • Jennifer Hill, Quality Strategy and Administration Manager for Nissan North America
  • Marcus Whitney, President of Briovation
  • Brad Smith, former CEO of Aspire Health and current director at The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation

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Recorded during a Real Talk with Regions live event held at The Listening Room in Nashville, this podcast is the first of the two-part series featuring a discussion with some of the brightest young leaders in Nashville’s business community. Be sure to also take a listen to part two here.

This Next Step Podcast is part of our Young Professionals series presented by Regions Next Step – advice, tools and resources to help you get closer to reaching your unique financial goals. From landing your first job to navigating the workplace and growing your career, our Young Professionals series offers you advice for every step along the way.

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About Megan Ganschow
Megan Ganschow is Branch Manager at Regions Banks’ Mill Creek branch in Tennessee. She joined Regions in March of 2014 as a financial services specialist. A natural leader, Megan was promoted to assistant manager after just a year with the financial institution, and was later given the Branch Manager position she holds today.

About Ben Goldberg
Ben Goldberg is a restauranteur and co-owner of Strategic Hospitality, a Nashville-based hospitality company known for introducing innovative, one-of-a-kind concepts. He launched Strategic Hospitality with his brother in 2006.

About Jennifer Hill
Jennifer Hill is the Quality Strategy and Administration Manager for Nissan North America. She joined Nissan in 2006 as a process engineer and held several engineering roles within the company before taking on her current role in 2015. Jennifer is a recipient of Nashville Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 award.

About Marcus Whitney
Marcus Whitney is an entrepreneur and CEO of Briovation, a Nashville-based investment and strategic advisory firm that aims to catalyze a revolution in health through innovation. The organization does this by launching and supporting ventures that challenge systemic flaws in health ecosystems.

About Brad Smith
Brad Smith is the former CEO of Aspire Health, a home-based palliative care provider. Brad is now the Director of The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation.

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