3 Good Reasons to Visit a Bank Branch

Sure, online banking is convenient, but physical branches serve an important role.

Pop quiz: With the popularity of online and mobile banking, plus omnipresent ATMs, who goes into physical bank branches anymore? A lot of people, it turns out.

Why? Getting cash via checks or ATMs is the main reason for most branch visits, says David B. Sherrill, SVP of Customer Experience at Regions. But it’s not all about cash. “In-person connections can provide peace of mind about one’s finances as well as important insights,” he says, “which are especially valuable in turbulent economic times.”

After all, when dealing with in-depth processes like mortgage applications or financial planning, you’ll receive more personalized advice and support from a face-to-face meeting than an online chatbot. Plus, there are still functions that only a branch can handle.

Here’s why you should consider making bank branch visits part of your routine.

1. Unique Functions

For some banking needs, there’s simply no substitute for being there in person.

  • Large cash withdrawals or transfers. Banks have daily limits for how much you can withdraw from an ATM (for Regions personal check cards, the daily limit is $808) or transfer online. To move or withdraw larger sums, you’ll have to show up in person.
  • Notaries publics. Getting a document physically stamped means, of course, physically going into a branch. Check to make sure your branch has a notary on staff; you may also need an appointment.
  • Safe deposit boxes. While these super secure havens for physical property may not be as prevalent as they once were, accessing them (or renting one) requires a visit.

2. Speedier Transactions

Sure, you can take care of these activities online, but who has time to wait around for the official paperwork to arrive in the mail?

  • Cashier’s checks. Order a cashier’s check online, and the bank still has to mail it to you. A teller can cut you one immediately.
  • Account openings. Apply online for a checking or savings account, and the approval could take days. In person, most banks let you open one right away.

3. Personal Meetings

Some banks provide more holistic advice that could help align your finances for the future.

Regions, for example, offers personalized Greenprint plans. The process begins with a structured interview in which a banker or advisor will discuss your financial goals, concerns and needs (and perhaps help you uncover some you might not know you had). With a complete picture of present assets and future goals, Regions will then help you build a customized plan to follow and revisit whenever the need arises (say, when there is a change in your life). Kicking off the process could be the beginning of a relationship with a trusted financial professional that can pay dividends in the near future as well as down the road.

So, while mobile banking may be convenient, don’t dismiss the branch. “Most people won’t need an in-person visit for many kinds of transactions,” says Sherrill. “But physical branches still provide a lot of value—they aren’t going away anytime soon.”

Three Things to Do

  1. Read more about Greenprint plans and make an appointment today at a branch near you.
  2. Find a Regions branch near you with our locator tool.
  3. Want to open a new account but can’t make it to a branch? See what options you have online.