Great Deals & Shopping Sales

Everybody is looking for great deals. But just as the seasons influence what grows in your garden and how you dress, there’s a natural, seasonal ebb and flow to shopping sales throughout the year.

Just as you mark your calendars for important holidays, keep on the lookout for the following shopping sales at the appropriate times to find great deals and save.


Back-to-school shopping sales of supplies and clothing abound as the kids make their way back to the classroom.

In September and October, new refrigerators, washers and dryers are unveiled. You can help retailers make room for the new products by purchasing older models at a great discount! Be sure to look for Energy Star rated appliances for more great deals and savings.


Depending on your location, nurseries and big-box garden retailers are shuttering their garden departments, so you can expect to find great deals on trees, shrubs and the like.

For most of the country, prime outdoor grilling season has wound down by now, so grills and similar outdoor items go on sale. But for those living in the South, there’s still time to enjoy the mild fall weather.


The day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, needs no introduction for all the discounts, great deals and shopping sales that are available.


As the year-end nears, many auto dealers try to clear out the old models from the lot in anticipation of the new ones.

For those looking ahead to April tax time, now’s the time to make charitable donations before New Year’s Day.

Ever heard of a winter wedding? There’s a reason: The traditionally low demand in December and January makes this the perfect bargain-hunting time to rent wedding facilities and shop for dresses.


From Christmas wrapping paper and white sales to winter apparel and sports equipment, January is when stores try to unload their excess items through post-holiday shopping sales.

Just like auto dealers make room for the new models, furniture retailers start making space in January for the February arrival of new furniture. Expect to save between 20% and 50%.


Out with the old and in with the newest digital cameras and other electronics — now is the time to buy outgoing styles and models.


The warming temperatures herald more sales of cold-weather gear like jackets, gloves and winter sports items.

Oddly enough, March is National Frozen Food Month, so look for great deals that include shopping sales, special promotions and coupons on your favorite frozen foods.


DIYers, look for wallpaper and paint sales during April.

In the grocery store, look for Easter and Earth Day sales and related promotions.


The shoulder season travel opportunities start winding down in May. Be sure to book your flights, hotel or cruise vacations prior to Memorial Day for maximum savings.


National Dairy Month means you’ll find sales in your local grocery, while the Fourth of July holiday means a host of associated money-saving promotions.


Just like in January, new furniture arrives in department stores and showrooms in August, so expect bargains in July.


For fans of waterskiing, now’s the time to start looking for end-of-season sales on gear and equipment. The same goes for bathing suits.

As the warm weather turns brisk, outdoor-related gear like patio furniture, swing sets and the like are marked down as fall merchandise begins to arrive in stores.

No matter what you are looking for, great deals and shopping sales follow a predictable pattern throughout the year. Plan ahead to save money!