Moving on a Budget: Tips to Minimize Costs

When you’re budgeting for a move, the expenses can add up quickly. Save on the costs of moving and put the rest of the money into savings with these four tried-and-true tips

  1. Call in favors. Ask friends and family to help you move to save on the cost of professional movers. If you have kids or pets, ask a friend or family member to watch them the day of your move so that you don’t have to pay for child care or a pet sitter. Thanking your family with food and drinks can help make the day fun, and still cost you a minimal amount.
  2. Use coupons. Look for coupons in the mail, newspaper, and online to find the best deals on moving services and other equipment you may need. Also, register your new address with the post office early to receive coupons for deals on moving essentials and items you may need in your new place, like appliances.
  3. Accept freebies. Ask friends, family, and co-workers to save boxes and packing materials for your move. Search local social media groups for these items, as well. Also check with local warehouses and grocery stores for used boxes for your move.
  4. Furnish your new space over time. Before your move, make a list of the items you need for your new place. Start looking for sales and deals online, at local shops, and at secondhand stores and estate or garage sales. Buying only when you find deals also helps you spread the purchases out over time and not hurt your monthly budget.

If you prepare for the costs of moving ahead of time, it’s easy to reduce costs, so you can focus on making your new place feel like home. Learn more about planning for a move.