Nearby Banks Open on Saturday

Finding a bank open outside of normal banking hours can be a hassle. But with Regions, it’s easy.

Locating a nearby bank outside of the work week can sometimes be difficult. We all know that familiar feeling. It’s Saturday, you need to make a deposit or withdraw funds from your savings account, and you’re wondering, “Are there banks open near me today?” and “How can I find the closest bank near me?” Now you can use our locator tool to find one.

The phrase “bankers’ hours” used to evoke a sense of frustration among bank customers. Maybe it was 6 p.m. on a Tuesday or late on a Saturday morning—in the old days, banking customers knew that if they asked, “Is there a bank open near me?” the answer would be “Probably not.” Customers were simply out of luck if they needed to withdraw their funds outside of the normal working week, and they would have to wait until the bank branch opened on Monday.

A New Era of Bank Access

Fortunately, times have changed. Many banks, including Regions, have adapted to meet their customers’ needs and address this familiar banking dilemma. Now, when you wonder, “Are there banks open on Saturday near me?” chances are there’s a Regions branch that’s ready to serve your financial needs. This is one of the many benefits of banking with Regions.

Always Check the Hours

While your local bank branch is likely to be open on Saturday, it’s important to keep two things in mind. First, most bank branches keep shorter hours on Saturdays, and they’re likely to close at noon. So it helps to plan ahead (using our tool) so that you can make it to a branch before it closes.

Saturday Banking Is Often Processed on Monday

Keep in mind that even if your bank is open on Saturdays, checks likely won’t be processed until the next business day—typically Monday, unless it’s a holiday. Nevertheless, your bank will be able to accept your deposit on a Saturday, and you can also withdraw available funds from the branch outside of traditional banking hours. Even if the deposit doesn’t reach your available funds immediately, it’s good to know that you won’t have to rush to the bank on a workday.

Knowing that your bank is open on Saturday can make your life so much easier. Rather than scrambling to the bank you can do your banking on your own time.

Three Things to Do

  1. Find a Regions bank near you today—even on a Saturday!
  2. Since you are thinking about your money, read more about budgeting and saving strategies for you and your family.
  3. While finding Regions locations nearby on a Saturday is easy, remember that we are also online for your needs.


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