New Technologies: When to Use Which Payment Method

Today’s credit and debit card technologies — including Apple Pay®, Google Pay® and Visa® Checkout — allow you to pay with a simple wave of your phone or click of a button.

These payment technologies provide options for both in-store and online payments.

  1. Some allow you to pay with your credit or debit card through your smartphone, tablet or wearable device.
  2. Some allow you to pay with your cards more quickly and easily online.

Here’s how to use each type.

1. Paying by Device

You’ll use Google Pay®, Apple Pay® and Samsung Pay™ in similar ways: First, you download the application to your device, and then enter your credit and/or debit card information into the application. Once this information is stored in your phone — or even a wearable device, like a watch — you can make a purchase with the wave of your device.

When should you use this method? In person, you can use it at any retail outlet that has a contactless terminal that accepts mobile pay. Just look for the sound-wave symbol and notification that the merchant accepts these methods at checkout. You also can use these payment methods to make online purchases through merchant apps that accept payment — from ordering clothes to buying concert tickets.

2. Online Shopping

With Visa® Checkout, you set up an account with Visa and can store your credit and/or debit card information, along with related information, such as shipping addresses. Once you’ve stored this information, you can shop at any of the many online outlets that offer Visa Checkout by clicking the Visa Checkout button at payment.

When should you use this method? Visa will maintain your card information, so you don’t have to enter that information when you make an online purchase from a merchant that participates in Visa Checkout.

New payment technologies are becoming increasingly more common, says Jim Stembridge, who works in Regions Marketing with the credit card, debit card and rewards business. In fact, some point-of-sale terminals that accept EMV chip card payments also are enabled to accept contactless payments such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. But Stembridge cautions that not every merchant currently accepts these new card technologies, so you may still want to bring along your wallet.

Learn more about Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

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