Saving Money on Vacation Podcast

Spotlight on Savings Series

In this podcast, Donna Medina, a Financial Wellness Relationship Manager for Regions Bank in Nashville, Tenn., shares advice for maximizing your vacation budget and continuing to save during your trip.

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  • Stretching your dollar while on vacation
  • Leveraging memberships for cost savings while you travel
  • Budget-friendly activities the whole family will enjoy

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This Next Step Podcast is part of our Spotlight on Savings series presented by Regions Next Step –advice, tools and resources to help you get closer to reaching your unique financial goals. Our featured Spotlight on Savings podcasts can help you gain control of your finances and grow your savings.

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Donna Sue MedinaAbout Donna Medina

Mixing her passions of teaching and helping others, Donna Medina is an experienced Financial Wellness Relationship Manager at Regions Bank. Having been with Regions for nearly 30 years, Donna’s previous leadership roles as a Branch Manager and Personal Banker gave her great working knowledge to prepare for providing advice, guidance and education.

Residing in Franklin, Tenn., with her husband, Jack, they enjoy the local sights and sounds of the Nashville area. She can often be found or unreachable in the high country of the Rocky Mountains or soaking in the sunset rays on the beach with family and friends. Money matters are a common topic of conversation – whether meeting a visiting tourist or hanging out with long-time friends and family.