Teaching Teens to Save Money Podcast

Spotlight on Savings Series

In this podcast, Tamica Foster, a Financial Wellness Relationship Manager for Regions Bank in Jackson, Miss., talks about how to teach your teens how to save money and help get them on their own path to financial success.

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  • Teaching money matters to navigate newfound financial freedom
  • Helping teens to develop simple savings habits
  • Differentiating between needs, wants and wishes
  • Establishing a financial plan and goals together

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This Next Step Podcast is part of our Spotlight on Savings series presented by Regions Next Step –advice, tools and resources to help you get closer to reaching your unique financial goals. Our featured Spotlight on Savings podcasts can help you gain control of your finances and grow your savings.

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Tamica FosterAbout Tamica Foster

A Navy child who traveled half the world before her third birthday, Tamicalyn (Tamica) Foster always knew she wanted to help people. With this in mind, she hit the ground running when she joined the banking world at 19, bringing with her a gift for customer service. In her 17 years of banking, she has yet to slow her momentum.

Drawing on her experience as loan officer and branch manager, she joined Regions Bank two years ago as a Financial Wellness Relationship Manager, a role which she loves because it allows this gregarious mom-of-three boys to do what she does best – talk to people and help them plan for their future. An avid fitness fanatic, in her off-hours, you can find Tamica entering 5k races, fostering homeless dogs or cuddled up on the sofa with her husband Alex watching Golden Girls reruns and discussing the importance of retirement planning.


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