When to Talk to Your Banker

Bankers are available to help you make knowledgeable financial decisions. But when is the right time to pick up the phone?

1. When You Sign Up With a New Bank

Getting to know your banker when you open an account with a new bank is a great start to a banking relationship. The first meeting can help you build the trust and confidence to speak to your banker about life's biggest moments and plan for the future.

2. When Your Job Changes

Whether you’re changing careers, switching companies, or dealing with a job loss, meeting with your banker offers the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your finances.

3. When You Buy a Home

Buying a home is a major life event. You’ve picked out new furniture and what colors to paint the walls, but have you planned for the monthly mortgage payment? Talking with your banker can help you determine how a mortgage will affect your finances.

4. When Your Family Grows

Whether you’re getting married or welcoming a new baby, this is an opportune time to sit down and talk to your banker about combining finances, budgeting, and more.

5. When You're Getting Ready to Retire

As you prepare for retirement, your banker can help create a plan to ensure that you are saving enough money to retire with financial peace of mind.

6. When You Lose a Loved One

A death in the family may change your financial future. Whether you're receiving an inheritance or you need to use your finances to help pay for interment costs, make sure you talk to your banker to determine your next financial steps.

7. When You Experience a Financial Emergency

If you’re dealing with unexpected expenses from an emergency, you’ll want to talk to your banker, who can help you make a plan, manage your emergency savings account, and decide what you can do to prevent financial disaster. If you talk to your banker before an emergency, he or she can offer guidance on preparing for unexpected events.

Unsure where to start? Consider these tips for your next conversation with a banker to make the most of your relationship.