Uses of Personal Loans and Lines of Credit

If you’re deciding between a personal loan and a line of credit, it may help to understand typical uses of each.

A line of credit is often used for emergency funds or unspecified purposes with an unclear final amount, including:

  • Making emergency home improvements
  • Smoothing out cash flow problems caused by fluctuating income and expenses, which may be more likely if you’re self-employed
  • Paying a larger-than-expected bill, such as medical expenses or auto repairs

An installment loan, also knows as a personal loan, however, is often used for specified purposes with a clearer total, such as:

  • Covering a large budgeted expense, such as paying for a wedding
  • Paying for a one-time purchase, like a car or a home appliance
  • Consolidating debt at a lower interest rate than credit cards typically carry
  • Repaying money borrowed from family or friends
  • Education expenses
  • Home improvements using a home equity loan

Whether you need a personal loan or a line of credit, speak with a personal banker who can help you understand your options.


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