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Checking In

How are you doing compared to your plan? Make sure you revisit your plan periodically. Have there been big market swings or a change in your job situation? Maybe you need to adjust your risk profile? Regular reviews will help prevent surprises.

Set a Retirement goal

Even if you're nearing retirement, it’s never too late to set a retirement goal. Besides, the closer you are to retirement the better sense you'll have of your future living expenses. And you can set your goal to reflect more realistic health and housing costs.

Learn More About IRAs

Pay Yourself First

Even if you haven’t practiced good monthly saving habits so far, it’s never too late to begin. Every dollar is important as you get closer to retirement. Make a habit of paying yourself every month, automatically depositing 10 percent in a separate account if you can.

Set Up a Direct Deposit

Match Investment Risk to Life Stage

As you draw closer to retirement, review your investment strategy and portfolio. Plan to diversify your investments and reduce your risk. Consider allocating a greater portion of your funds to more stable, income-producing investments.

Which CD is Right for Me?
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