How much will I earn when my CD matures?

A CD is a savings product that pays interest on a deposit, usually at a fixed rate, for a specified period of time (term). CDs differ from savings accounts as the money must remain untouched for the entire term. Withdrawals made before the end of the term may result in a substantial penalty. Use the CD Maturity Calculator to determine how much your CD may be worth when it matures.

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Enter the amount, the CD term in months and the annual percentage yield (APY) in the calculator to see how much you may earn when your CD matures.

Change the numbers in each input field by entering a new number or adjusting the sliders. After entering your data into each input field, the calculator results will automatically update the summary statement and chart.

The annual percentage yield and estimated earnings assume all balances will remain deposited until maturity. Early withdrawals of funds may result in a substantial early withdrawal penalty.

The calculations provided by this calculator are based entirely on the information you enter, including any deposit amount, compounding frequency and/or Annual Percentage Yield (APY). These calculations do not reflect the terms available for any Regions CD, or any CD offered by any other financial institution, or whether you qualify for any Regions deposit account. Terms, conditions, and earnings for Regions CDs and CDs offered by other financial institutions are established by the respective account agreements and disclosures for such CDs, and actual earnings on such CDs may differ from results obtained from the use of this calculator. Find out more about Regions CDs.


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