Compound interest calculator

How interest is calculated can have a great impact on the interest earned by your account and how your savings grow. When interest is compounded, the interest earned on the account is added to the principal balance on which interest will be calculated in the future, which means you’ll earn interest on previously earned interest. You'll see your account balance grow more quickly with accounts that compound interest more frequently. The "Annual Percentage Yield" or APY is the effective annual rate of return once the effect of compounding interest is factored in.

Savings account details

Use this calculator to estimate compound interest.

Change the numbers in each input field by entering a new number or adjusting the sliders. After entering your data into each input field, the calculator results will automatically update the summary statement and chart.


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The calculations provided by this calculator are based entirely on the information you enter, including any savings rate or expected rate of return. These calculations do not reflect the terms available for any Regions savings or other deposit accounts.

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