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Season 1

New heights and fresh starts

This season's episodes explore economic expansion and contraction in our economy—and the fresh starts we’re making in this unprecedented environment.

The dark side of digital communication

We’ve fully integrated digital technology into our everyday lives. But cybercrime is increasing and it affects all of us. Learn about fraud that involves digital communication—phishing, smishing, and vishing—and the best ways to avoid it.

Your essential inflation outlook

What are the broader implications of inflation? We’ll consider what the future holds, the effect of rising costs on business owners, the drag on portfolio returns and, of course, the price of everyday goods.

The role of debt when interest rates are up

Get a fresher perspective on your relationship to debt. Understand how you can rethink the role of good and bad debt in your budget, how debt can be a tool for wealthy families, and whether businesses need to reevaluate the role of debt on their balance sheets.

What's driving the housing market?

High housing prices and interest rates are creating an affordability crunch. This episode will look at the effect of housing prices on personal budgets and plans, and at the larger economic ramifications—for business owners, consumers, and investors.

Investing in your future

What does it mean to invest in your future? In this episode, our three specialists discuss how investing in yourself means much more than just retirement planning. Join their conversation for valuable insights and inspiration on your path to financial success and security.

The reshoring revolution

The pandemic exposed supply chain vulnerabilities, accelerating a shift towards production and manufacturing closer to home. In this episode, Regions analysts explore why companies may be reversing several decades of moving production overseas and how this trend is affecting American manufacturing – and a wide variety of associated industries – as well as our investments.

When should we all retire

In this episode we dig into a crucial life decision: “When should I retire?” It’s not a one-size-fits-all decision and there are a wide range of factors that might influence your choice – and they’re likely different for everyone. We explore how you can approach the decision and key considerations to take into account.

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