Episode 7: When Should We All Retire?

In this episode, The Regions Insights Podcast explores the pivotal decision of when to retire. Retirement planning involves a complex set of choices that depend on your financial—and very personal— considerations. After all, your aspirations and goals are your very own. Whether you’re nearing retirement or haven’t even started thinking about it, we’ll provide valuable ideas to help you figure out what retirement means to you, what you hope it might look like – and when to begin the transition.

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Meet the speakers

Cindy Campbell, senior wealth strategist at Regions Bank

John Kibbe, Vice President, Institutional Trust at Regions Bank

Sean Toebben, Regions Investment Solutions financial advisor


This information is general education or marketing in nature and is not intended to be accounting, legal, tax, investment or financial advice. Statements of individuals are their own—not Regions’. Consult an appropriate professional concerning your specific situation. This podcast is intended for educational and marketing purposes only. The people and events are fictional but represent real issues. No identification with actual persons is intended or should be inferred.