Do You Own Your Small Business or Does it Own You?

This quiz can help you figure out if you’re working too much, or too little, and help you get back in balance.


Regardless of where you scored on this quiz, there are a few best practices you might consider to help keep your personal life separate from your business and achieve success in each.

1. Schedule Personal Time

According to Kevin Kruse, the author of 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management, the secret to having a personal life is to schedule it. “Throw away your to-do list and just put all of your ‘to-do’s’ onto your calendar,” he says, citing a number of business owners who found success scheduling family time.

2. Create a Separate Social Media Account for Your Business

Even if 80 percent of your time is dedicated to your business, it’s a good idea not to make it 80 percent of your personal online presence. Ultimately, this could hurt your ability to create a visible and unique brand for your company. That doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate your business into your personal posts, or your personal life into your business’s, but try to be strategic about how you do this. Business coach and photographer Cyrissa Carlson says, “ If someone has to puzzle-piece you and your brand together, no one will be following. Your social media presence needs to be clear-cut and obvious to anyone who stops by.”

3. Stay Focused on the Big Picture

According to Entrepreneur and Forbes contributor R.L. Adams, one reason many businesses fail is because they’re unable to stay on course. Often, this happens when leaders get so bogged down in the day-to-day details that they fail to look at the bigger picture or pursue new opportunities for the business.

Consider having conversations with team members that connect back to your business’s mission. This can also make you a more effective delegator and free up some time for you to focus on your personal life. As a bonus, this approach can help create a culture of transparency, inspire employee loyalty, and help your business grow.

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