Risk, the Markets and Your Goals

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Risk, the Markets and Your Goals

Your goals are the reason you work, save, plan and invest. They may include retirement, a better life for your family or something completely unique to you. They are what drive you. And while the markets are part of your plan to reach those goals, they are, even in the best of times, uncertain and highly complex. That’s why we’ve devoted this issue to some of the ways your goals are connected to this broader world.

Our cover story gets at the crux of the matter, asking “How Much Risk Can You Take?” (page 6)—and exploring why being realistic about your reactions to things like market volatility is vital to your long-term strategies. At the same time, we look at how the long-forgotten force of inflation may roil the markets in “Is Inflation Coming?” (page 4). 

You don’t plan and invest in a vacuum, so family is always a priority—except when it’s a bundle of competing priorities. That’s one financial knot we begin to untangle in “Sandwich Generation Survival Tips” (page 12). And for many, the ultimate goal is to finally sell the business they’ve worked on for years. How to begin that process is the focus of “Putting a Price on Your Company” (page 10).

Thinking about your goals and the state of the markets can only sharpen the focus of your next conversation with your Wealth Advisor. We hope this issue will help reconnect you with the bedrock of how and why you invest, plan and adapt for the challenges you face each day.

The Future of Long-Term Care Insurance
Health care costs later in life can be worrisome. Here’s what you should know. p1

Women & Retirement: Mind the Gaps
From pay disparities to longer lives, women have unique retirement concerns. p2

Kids and Affluence 
Teaching children about money helps instill important skills they’ll need in everyday life. p3

Is Inflation Coming?
After years of quiet, inflation is again something to watch—for the economy and your portfolio. p4

How Much Risk Can You Take?
If market volatility is keeping you up at night, it may be time to rethink your investment strategy.  p6

Putting a Price on Your Company
An accurate valuation of your business can help you understand your options — and new opportunities.  p10

Sandwich Generation Survival Tips
Juggling growing kids and aging parents can be a challenge, but good planning can help ease the strain. p12

A Second Act
Career counselor Dennis Fitzgerald talks about his experiences helping seniors reenter the workforce. p13


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