Live Long and Prosper

What are the basics when it comes to helping your family prosper?

1. Have a financial plan. According to the Center for Financial Planners, over 90% of people who had comprehensive financial plans were more confident and had a better chance of achieving their financial goals.

2. Think about the long term. While it’s fun to indulge, being realistic and careful with your lifestyle will help you accomplish more down the line.

3. Set goals. Do you want to provide a private education for your kids? Live in a fantastic house? Retire early and travel? Clarifying your goals is the first step to achieving them.

4. Stay calm. The ups and downs of the markets can be alarming. If you’re investing, do so with your own goals in mind, and don’t try to time or outsmart the markets.

5. Remember what matters most. A 2010 Princeton University study showed that for those with annual income of $75,000 or more, money didn’t really change their levels of happiness. What does affect happiness? Health. Relationships. Having a purpose in life. Take care of your money—but keep it in perspective.


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