Land of Opportunity: Turning Inherited Land Into Revenue

Episode 28 - Regions Wealth Podcast Series

Inheriting a large amount of land can be a blessing — but it can also present some challenges, particularly for those who lack land management experience. Should you sell the land, or keep it? And if you keep it, how can it be used to generate revenue? In this episode, Trust Real Estate Property Manager and Assistant Vice President Carol Smart joins us to discuss natural resources and real estate management.

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Meet the Speaker

Carol Smart is Natural Resources/Real Estate Property Manager at Regions in Atlanta, Georgia. Carol has more than 30 years’ experience with major regional banks in the sale, purchase, leasing, and management of trust real estate assets. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgia State University with post-baccalaureate studies in Statistics and Real Estate. She is a graduate of Cannon Trust School and serves on the board of the National Trust Real Estate Association. Want to find a real estate advisor like Carol? Contact a Wealth Advisor today.

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