Romance Scams: The Costly Financial Scam Targeting People of All Ages

Romance Scams: The Costly Financial Scam Targeting People of All Ages

Episode 46 - Regions Wealth Podcast Series

Romance scams have become the most costly scam in America. While the sums of money lost are often significant, for the victims of romance scams, the emotional toll can feel even more staggering. In this episode, Senior Corporate Security Fraud Investigator Bryan Clark joins us to discuss how romance scams work, common signs of a romance scammer, and red flags to be on the lookout for. We'll also discuss steps to take after financial fraud occurs, and what you should do if you think a loved one is falling victim to a romance scam.

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Meet the Speaker

Bryan ClarkBryan Clark is a Senior Corporate Security Investigator with Regions Bank in Memphis, Tennessee. Bryan brings to the team more than 22 years of law enforcement and corporate investigative experience. Bryan also maintains the title of Certified Fraud Examiner through the ACFE. In his role, Bryan is responsible for investigating crimes against Regions Bank and its customers, as well as the safety and security of Regions Bank branches throughout the footprint.

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