Wealth Insights Magazine - Summer 2019

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Business Succession, Transition and the Next Step

In life, we go from challenge to challenge and chapter to chapter. These transitions often upend our plans. But it’s also these larger changes that can offer the biggest rewards. One major transition is leaving a career or business in which you’ve invested years of effort, careful attention and hard work.

In “Business Succession, Transition and the Next Step” (page 6), we explore the emotional factors of this major change and the relationships that it can affect. If you’re selling a business, “The Business Owner’s Other Retirement Assets” (page 10) will help you consider the value of the intangible assets in your business that are often most important. It’s likely that someone close to you is also experiencing a transition—even in your own family. Your children may be making their start in the business world and might seek your help. Deciding whether to fund their entrepreneurial vision is something we discuss in “What Private Equity Can Teach Parent- Investors” (page 4). Regardless of the type of transition, having a plan isn’t enough—you also have to share it with those close to you. Discussing financial plans with your spouse can often be difficult. In “You, Your Honey and Money” (page 12), you’ll learn how to make these conversations with your loved ones as pleasant, and productive, as possible.

No matter what changes you’re making, you’re doing it with a brighter future in mind. We hope this issue of Insights helps you to seize the opportunities and make the next chapter in your life a success!

A Better Work-Life Balance

Tips for creating and maintaining harmony between your personal and professional lives. p1

Two-Factor Authentication

This extra layer of protection is a valuable step to keeping your online accounts secure. p2

Your Quietest Investment

With the right tools and tactics, the cash in your portfolio can help keep your plans on track. p3

Private Equity and Parent-Investors

Investing in a child’s new venture can be risky. The key? Think like an investor. p4

Business Succession and Transition

Selling or passing on your company is a crucial turning point. Here are some key factors to consider. p6

Intangible Assets and Your Plan

Intellectual property, client lists and goodwill can be hard to value, but they’re too important to ignore. p10

Making a Money Date

Frequent financial conversations with your spouse can help avoid turmoil down the line. p12

Changing Lives Daily

Although diagnosed with terminal cancer, Stephanie Stanfield remains dedicated to her clients. p13


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