Financial Planning Considerations for Women Business Owners

Financial Planning Considerations for Women Business Owners

Episode 50 - Regions Wealth Podcast Series

American Express estimates that women create 1,800+ new businesses each day in the United States. While the number of women-owned businesses is on the rise, female entrepreneurs continue to face limited access to capital compared to their male counterparts. According to Pitchbook data, in 2021, female founders received just 2% of all venture capital dollars. In this episode, Wealth Advisor Linda Thompson joins us to share resources and key financial planning considerations for female entrepreneurs. We’ll discuss tactical tips to help female entrepreneurs thrive and survive throughout all stages of their entrepreneurial journey.

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Meet the Speaker

Linda ThompsonLinda Thompson is a Wealth Advisor for Regions Private Wealth Management in Middle Tennessee. She brings to our team more than 35 years of Commercial Banking and Private Wealth Management experience, the past four years with Regions. Linda likes working with clients on planning and building a financial roadmap. If you are interested in building or fine tuning your plan, contact a Wealth Advisor today.

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