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Setting a Course

While many women today have created their own wealth, many also find themselves at the financial helm suddenly and unexpectedly. Preparing for the three Ds — Death, Divorce, and Disability (SM) — with open conversation, honesty and planning, will help you feel more confident about your financial future regardless of what is unexpectedly thrown your way.

Account for Your Family’s Needs

Your financial life has grown increasingly complex, and you deserve help developing a plan that accounts for all your goals. But does your current relationship with Regions take advantage of all the benefits that may be available to you now? With your Wealth Advisor, investigate how to best leverage your relationship to meet your family's needs.

Contact a Wealth Advisor

Protect What You Value

Maintain coverage for each major risk your family faces such as property loss, death, disability or business/professional liability. You may need up to 10 times your income in life insurance, depending on your situation and advice from your Wealth Advisor.

Grow, Protect and Transfer Your Legacy

Your legacy depends on strategies for transferring wealth, whether it's to the next generation, to your charitable causes, or both. Keep all estate planning documents updated regularly, especially when major life events occur such as marriage, divorce or the birth of children and grandchildren. Discuss your plan with your family members. You're also aligning your family around a common vision and values. In a very real sense, you are planning so that you can "pay it forward."

Learn More About Effective Planning
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