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Owning It

The face of wealth today is changing. Already women outnumber men in college graduation rates. Currently, 40 percent of wives out-earn their husbands. And finally, 59 percent of women play a lead role or are solely responsible for the financial decisions in their household. By 2030, women will likely account for 2/3 of U.S. wealth. Now is the time for empowered planning. The Regions HerVision HerLegacy initiative educates, equips and empowers women like you to take control of their financial futures so that they – and their families – can rest assured that their financial legacies are secure.

Have a Plan

Although the topics of death, divorce and disability can be difficult to think about, do you have actionable steps you can take today to be proactive, present and prepared should you find yourself facing any of these situations in the future? If so, congratulations. If not, now is the time to start.

Learn about Our Wealth Advisors

Protect What You Value

Can you easily locate all of your important financial documents in an emergency? Set up a meeting with your Wealth Advisor to go over your investments and assets. Ask for a holistic view of your portfolio. Do your overall investments fit your strategy and risk appetite? Focus on life: when your money works for you, you worry less.

Create a Customized Investment Strategy

Studies bear out that — in general — women are less optimistic about their wealth and financial situation than men, and report spending less time on financial education. The time to rectify that is now. With your Wealth Advisor, investigate whether alternative investments might be appropriate for your portfolio. Do they help diversify your risk exposure away from traditional assets? What types of alternative investments might support your long-term financial goals?

Understand Our Investment Process
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