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Our New Future: Staying the Course Toward Retirement

Happy Summer!

We hope you’re enjoying warmer weather and longer days well spent with family and friends. If you’re like us, summertime makes you think of summers past and future. It’s a natural invitation for us all to pause and reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re going. This issue of Insights is all about recalibrating your life to make sure you’re on track to meet your goals. Now is the time to review your retirement plan, business legacy and portfolio with fresh eyes.

In “Is it Time to Reevaluate Your Portfolio?” (page 4), we consider new opportunities to rebalance your portfolio and investment plans. In “Staying the Course Toward Retirement” (page 6), we explore starting new conversations with your wealth team about your estate plan, time horizon and retirement lifestyle goals. For those evaluating the future of your small business, we present innovative ideas in “Updating Your Business Legacy Plans” (page 10).

Furthermore, we discuss ways to protect your family with ideas for talking with younger generations about key financial concepts in “Teaching Family About Money and Investing” (page 3). For families with members who need unique assistance, we discuss Special Needs Trusts in “Managing the Special Needs of Family Members” (page 12). As travel increases, we’re also sharing how to navigate globetrotting in “Ready to Travel Again? You’re Not Alone” (page 13).

As always, we look forward to navigating the future together and ensuring you feel confident and prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Financing Your Life Insurance

Increasing your coverage at a lower out-of-pocket cost. p1

Smart Credit Uses for Savvy Investors

A securities-based line of credit is a low-risk, quick cash financing option. Here's how. p2

Teaching Family About Money and Investing

How to educate your kids in making sound financial and investment decisions. p3

Bitcoin: 5 Things You Should Know

Understanding the risks of investing in crypto. p3

Is It Time to Rebalance Your Portfolio?

The roller coaster of 2020 is finally over, but your investment strategy could use a tune-up. p4

Staying the Course Toward Retirement

Review your long-term retirement plans to prepare for your future. p6

Updating Your Business Legacy Plans

COVID has made some major changes in business operations. p10

Managing the Special Needs of Family

Managing the health of a disabled family member is difficult. Here are some things that can help. p12

Travel Fever? You’re Not Alone

Travel will now require lots more effort. p13


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