Wealth Insights Magazine Winter 2021

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What Did We Learn From 2020? Making sense of the challenges and opportunities.

As 2021 begins, we are reflecting on lessons learned over the past year and looking ahead to the key opportunities before us. The COVID-19 pandemic dominated much of our professional and personal lives, while we balanced a pivotal election year and advocating for racial justice in our communities. In this issue of Insights, we look toward the future, pointing out key lessons you can apply from 2020 for your families, your portfolios and your businesses.

In “What Did We Learn from 2020?” (page 6), we break down trends and provide guidance about what you can do in 2021 to safeguard your portfolio, ensure your family’s future and make sure you have a tested plan for what may lie ahead. “What Sectors Thrived During COVID-19?” (page 2) and “The Risks of Pharma Investing” (page 3) offer more insights on 2020 market volatility and future investment opportunities.

Furthermore, “Your Estate Planning Checkup” (page 12) provides guidance on establishing financial security for future generations while “Getting the Most Out of Your Giving” (page 3) considers how to ensure your philanthropy is both tax efficient and socially effective. And if you’re a business owner, we additionally offer innovative ways to reimagine your operations in “Your Business After a Year of Change” (page 10).

No matter what’s going on around us, we remained focused on what we can control and remain optimistic about the future.

The Election Results and Your Portfolio

A fresh cabinet and new policies that may affect your investments. p1

What Sectors Thrived During COVID-19?

See how volatility caused a number of industries to rise, and others to fall, in 2020. p2

The Risks of Pharma Investing

Consider these risks, and risk management tips, before adding COVID-19 vaccines to your portfolio. p3

Getting the Most Out of Your Giving

Learn how to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your philanthropy. p3

Family Discussions About Your Legacy

Read how to start—and continue—the hard conversations that will set your family up for success. p4

What Did We Learn From 2020?

A national pandemic threw the world into a tailspin, but these lessons can help us prepare for the unknown. p6

Your Business After a Year of Change

Business models are evolving. Here's What you should, could, and may consider doing differently. p10

Your Estate Planning Checkup

Tips to help get your affairs in order, in advance. p12

Ready for the Challenge

Read how one small business owner used ingenuity, positivity and hard work to thrive during COVID-19. p13


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