Wealth Insights Magazine Fall 2020

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Insights for Uncertain Times

We can all agree that 2020 has been a challenging year. Together we are weathering the storm of the coronavirus pandemic, adapting to swift economic changes, advocating for racial justice and preparing for a presidential election.

Undoubtedly, these events have caused concern, but they also present a moment to seize new opportunities. Our goal for this issue of Insights is to provide an analysis of the topics that matter most to you right now.

Persisting in Turbulent Times

Protect your stocks against market uncertainty. p1

New Tech, New Privacy Concerns

Using voice commands might be giving your smart devices more information than you realize. p2

Planning for Health Care in Retirement

Plan ahead now to enjoy your retirement later. p3

Freezing Your Estate

Estate taxes can deplete family wealth, but an estate freeze may be your option for savings funds. p3

Forces of Nature

During market volatility, investing in farmland may provide stability for weathering the storm. p4

The Candidates, the Issues and Your Wealth

The 2020 presidential race is throwing the nation, and your finances, for a loop. p6

Leading from a Distance

Working from home is the new norm. Use these tips to keep your team engaged and encouraged. p10

Diversity and Inclusion

How an intentionally diverse business strategy can benefit your company's bottom line. p12

The Show Must Go On

Regions helps bring a Nashville business back during a time of crisis. p13


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