Wealth Insights Magazine Winter 2018

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Technology & Wealth

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that when we talked about technology and its promises, we were talking about the future. Now, any examination of technological progress is firmly rooted in the present. Just about every activity of daily living, and every sector of the economy, is being transformed (or has already been transformed) by high-tech wizardry.

But how are these changes and advances affecting your financial life on a day-to-day basis, and what opportunities could they present for your investment strategy? In this issue of Insights, we look at these very questions. “Technology and Your Wealth” (page 6) offers business insights on how rapid technological change might be affecting the way you invest and the way you interact with your finances. “Investing in Innovation” (page 4) looks at where investors might look to capture growth in both the technology sector and other industries being influenced by technological advances. Meanwhile, “Optimizing Your Online Presence” (page 10) helps business owners navigate the many decisions about digital versus hands-on customer service and marketing.

Other articles come down to earth. “Sometimes It Does Grow on Trees” (page 2) shows how natural-resource-based assets—like timber or mineral rights—might fit into a diversified portfolio, while “All That Sparkles” (page 1) explores some of the pros and cons of investing in assets like art, jewelry, and vintage cars.

Regardless of your collecting passion, our Wealth Advisors can help you find ways to keep your financial life on track and aligned with your goals.

All That Sparkles
There are hidden costs in collectibles. Here’s what to expect and how to protect your goods. p1

Sometimes It Does Grow on Tress
Timberland and other natural resources could be solid investment options for portfolio diversification. p2

The Driver’s Seat of Giving
Joining a board can be a rewarding experience. Consider these 5 things before taking the leap. p3

Investing in Innovation
Innovation has caused a steady rise in tech investment yield. Position your portfolio to potentially benefit. p4

Technology and Your Wealth
Tech is changing the way we bank, but it can’t replace the personal touch of a wealth advisor. p6

Optimizing Your Online Presence
Key considerations for developing your digital strategy. p10

The Value of an Estate Plan
A thorough plan of action can protect your family, secure your assets, and provide peace of mind. p12

Civic Pride
A retired museum director shares her insight on cultural institutions and the benefits of being a patron. p13


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