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Financial Insight for Your Life

Hear our experienced Wealth professionals discuss today’s big financial topics—from personal finance and retirement strategies to managing investments and business expansion.

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Each episode features a new challenge and fresh insights from a
Regions Bank Wealth professional.


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Episode 51: Serving on a Non-Profit Board

Learn about the factors prospective board members should consider before making a commitment to serving on a non-profit board.

Episode 50: Financial Planning Tips for Women Business Owners

Learn tactical tips and key financial planning considerations for women business owners on their entrepreneurial journey.

Episode 49: How to be Present, Proactive, and Prepared

In this podcast, we will discuss actionable steps all women should take to ensure they’re present, proactive, and prepared for the future.

Episode 48: Capital Gains Tax Crash Course

Get a crash course in capital gains taxes and learn how they apply to a variety of asset types, including real estate, stocks, and more.

Episode 47: Financial Planning for Business Executives

Learn about financial planning considerations for executives like unique tax considerations, legacy planning, and finding time for personal finance.

Episode 46: Romance Scams - The Costliest Financial Scam

Romance scams are the costliest scam in America. Learn how romance scams work and common signs of a romance scammer.

Episode 45: Preparing for Life After Selling Your Business

From finding purpose to addressing three key pillars, learn what business owners can do to ensure they’re well-prepared for their next act.

Episode 44: How to Protect Yourself from Crypto Scams

Mainstream interest in cryptocurrency has been on the rise. Learn the common types of crypto scams and how you can protect yourself from them.

Episode 43: Understanding Cryptocurrency - Pros & Cons

Mainstream interest in cryptocurrency has skyrocketed. Learn the basics of cryptocurrency before deciding whether to invest.

Episode 42: Business Transition Planning at Every Age

What happens when a business owner wants to retire or step back? Find the top considerations for business transition planning at every age and stage.

Episode 41: Factoring Inflation Into Your Financial Plans

Learn what’s driving inflation, how it’s impacting the average American household, and why focusing on your personal balance sheet is key.

Episode 40: Learn to Invest & Build Generational Wealth

Learn the basics of investing for adults and how to teach your kids about investing at any age so your family can build and maintain generational wealth.

Episode 39: When to Hire a Professional Estate Executor

Considering who you want to appoint as an executor of your estate? Find out how hiring a professional executor may be the best option for your needs.

Episode 38: How to Maintain Generational Wealth

Listen & learn how families of all backgrounds can build generational wealth and ensure their children and grandchildren maintain their family's legacy.

Episode 37: How to Build Generational Wealth

Find out what generational wealth is, how you can build it, and how it can be maintained over generations with a financial legacy plan.

Episode 36: Strategic Borrowing in a Low Interest Rate Environment

A low interest rate environment can present significant opportunities for Americans of all income brackets to buy their first home, purchase a new car, or even refinance student loan debt.

Episode 35: Creating a Spending Plan in Retirement

Between longer life expectancies and the rising cost of healthcare, retirees of all income brackets need to engage in careful planning to ensure they don’t outlive their money.

Episode 34: Rising Health Care Costs in Retirement

What can you do to prepare for the rising cost of health care? In this episode, we’re chatting with Wealth Advisor Mike Fleischhauer on how to plan for medical expenses in retirement, health insurance options for early retirees, and the pros and cons of long term care insurance.

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Richard Moody's Economic Update

Having access to economic information aids in making sound decisions. At Regions, we want to provide you with the best information that we have available. Richard Moody, Chief Economist at Regions, provides monthly commentary and data to give an outlook to our current economic state.

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Our latest podcast series features Regions professionals sharing timely information and strategies to help your business navigate challenges, prepare for the future and make the most of opportunities on the horizon.

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