Insights Magazine Fall 2016

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A New View of Risk

As the saying goes, if you don’t learn from history, you’re destined to repeat it. In this issue of Insights, we look at what history tells us about volatility as markets react to the U.S. presidential election, Britain’s decision to leave the European Union and more.

Political changes, economic events and personal life milestones can affect your financial situation now and into the future. This issue includes actionable insight to help you navigate these waters. Our cover story, “A New View of Risk” (page 6), outlines how to manage your fears in the face of market turbulence, while “When to Save, When to Spend” (page 4) helps investors make smart decisions about the cash portions of their portfolios. And in “One Marriage, Two Advisors?” (page 12), one of our Wealth Advisors provides food for thought for couples tying the knot that are deciding whether to combine finances and financial advisors.

Inside, you’ll also find insight about how your wealth can fund your passion, whether it’s sports (“Sports as an Investment,” page 2), supporting higher education (“Endowing a University Chair,” page 3), or making the most out of a trip abroad (“Travel that Teaches,” page 1).

And speaking of passion, of which there has been no shortage in this year’s political election, we’ll soon have a new president who will face key decisions regarding the U.S. economy and taxes. On page 3, we take a historical look at the tax legacy of four modern-era presidents.

Travel That Teaches

Why experiences may be the greatest luxury. p1

Sports as an Investment

Discover the thrill of investing in your passion. p2

Endowing a University Chair

Ways to support higher education for generations to come. p3

Presidential Tax Legacies

Four leaders who shaped U.S. tax policy. p3

When to Save, When to Spend

Ideas to help you make smarter choices about your assets and your future. p4

A New View of Risk

Your guide to finding perspective on the risks you choose to take, especially in uncertain markets. p6

A Business Plan for Good Deeds

Knowing why and how to give helps ensure that your business’s philanthropy benefits everyone .p10

One Marriage, Two Advisors?

Meg Daly describes her vision for a green paradise in the heart of Miami. p13


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