Insights Magazine Fall 2017

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An Age-By-Age Guide To Financial Growth

A dynamic financial plan doesn’t remain static. It responds to your current life stage even as it stays grounded in your personal long-term goals and risk tolerance. This issue of Insights can help you assess what your needs might be — at any age. For perspectives on how your plan for pursuing your goals might shift, take a look at “An Age-by-Age Guide for Financial Growth” (page 6).

“The Big Picture” (page 13) offers a veteran pollster’s take on how priorities and values change across generations, while “When I Was your Age” (page 3) provides a fun, visual look at how Boomers, Gen-Xers, and Millennials view money and financial goals. Then read about how you can develop a thoughtful approach to stepping down from running a small or family-owned business in “3 Steps to a Graceful Exit” (page 10). And if you’re looking for ways to generate investment income, “Where to Find Income When Rates Stay Low” (page 4) offers some fresh ideas.

A Vacation for the Whole Family

Tips for planning a multigenerational trip. p1

For Fintech, the Future Is Now

How new technology is simplifying finances. p2

When I Was Your Age...

A generational comparison of financial priorities across life stages. p3

Pay Your Kids to Do Chores?

Insight on using allowances and household tasks to teach children financial issues. p3

Finding Yield When Rates Stay Low

Generating income in low-rate markets requires creative thinking. Consider these options. p4

A Guide to Financial Growth

Financial needs shift with each new life stage. These tips can help you maintain growth as goals change. p6

3 Steps to a Graceful Exit

Stepping down from your business can be challenging. Here’s how to pave the way. p10

Getting Life Insurance Right

A Regions professional discusses the ins and outs of coverage, and how to get the most out of it. p12

The Big Picture

Former Pew Research Center demographer Paul Taylor shares his insight on generational shifts. p13


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