Wealth Insights Magazine Fall 2018

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Time to Rethink Your Portfolio?

To live is to adapt. Whether thinking about your investments, your financial plan, your business or your family, it’s always important to watch for change, prepare for it if you can, and adapt in turn.

Being alert to change, preparing ahead and finally adapting is the theme of this issue of Insights. Our cover story, “Time to Rethink Your Portfolio?” (page 6), explores some of the long-term trends affecting the equity and bond markets, and a few alternative investments you may want to consider in response to any shifts.

Part of adapting to change involves finding the trends that can blossom into profitable opportunities, like the ones we examine in “The Surging Global Middle Class” (page 2) and “The Upside, Underground” (page 3).

But sometimes, we all know, adapting can be less about seizing opportunity and more about safeguarding against misfortune. That’s why it’s important to confront and prepare for difficult issues. Taking on potentially fraught situations before they materialize (or become worse) is the focus of “Peace of Mind” (page 4) and “When Family and Business Collide” (page 10).

So whether you’re looking for new opportunities, or looking for the changes you can make right now to protect yourself, your business and your family in the future, this issue of Insights has plenty to offer.

I hope you’ll view this issue as a chance to think about changes that may arise in your own life, and to talk with your Wealth Advisor about how you can adapt to them while still achieving your goals. Change can also come on the personal front, and this issue takes a look at the financial side of divorce in “Making a Whole out of Half” (page 12).

Your Children, Your Money

What to tell your kids—and when—about how much you earn, how much you have, and more. p1

The Surging Global Middle Class

Increases in consumer spending around the world could create investment opportunities. p2

The Upside, Underground

The domestic oil and gas boom has increased the appeal of investing in mineral rights. p3

Peace of Mind

Longevity is a blessing, but with a long life comes the spectre of cognitive decline. Here’s how to protect your loved ones. p4

Time to Rethink Your Portfolio?

Alternative investment options could potentially offer respite in unsettled markets. p6

When Family and Business Collide

Here’s how to protect your family-run enterprise from personal conflict, before it arises. p10

Must-Have Conversations for Couples

Communication is key to achieving shared goals. Here’s what you should be talking about—together. p12

Past Beauty, Present Business

Architect and business owner Noreene Parker on the value of treasuring the best of our past. p13


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