Insights Magazine Spring 2016

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Growing Your Next Million

This issue of Insights — Growing Your Next Million — comes at a time of market uncertainty. While we are navigating through one of the longest bull markets in history, we are predicting a bumpy ride through 2016. What does this mean to you?

In volatile times, you may need to reset your expectations and embrace a new "normal" of lower returns, but remember that markets are built on risk and so are your long-term financial plans. Daily market shifts, news and commentary don't always drastically affect your portfolio's future.

Rapidly changing market conditions provide an opportunity to check in with Regions to talk about your long-term goals. We're ready to help you evaluate your plan, to recommend ways to meet your goals, and to keep you focused and on track.

Don't let the "noise" of the markets distract you from your long-term financial objectives. This issue of Insights provides valuable tips on maintaining — and even growing — your next million.

Thinking Differently About Life

We all process the world through our own perspective, but are there clear differences in how people with money see things? One expert says, "Yes." p1

The Big Role of the Small Business Owner

New research emphasizes that small businesses, the self-employed and those hired by them play a big role in the American economy. p2

Where Philanthropy Meets Capitalism

Business techniques are enhancing the way that foundations and nonprofits see their causes — and their results. p3

Your Vacation Home

A vacation home can represent a big milestone for your family. It's a place to build and share family memories, but it can also cause headaches. Here's what you need to know going in. p3

Heading to College with Gen Z

As a new generation prepares for college, it pays to think creatively about financing one of life's major expenses. p4

Cover Story: Ready to Grow Your Next Million?

Whatever your definition of "wealth," having $1 million does mean it's time to start thinking about your next steps. Here are some tips to maintain — and even grow — your wealth. p6

5 Ways to Prosper in Retirement

After working hard and pushing to save their entire working lives, many baby boomers are now retired millionaires. But how can they make the money last through their second act — and beyond? p10

Diversifying for the New Millionaire

Regions' Chris Ritchie details new strategies to help reassess your portfolio. p12

Family Book Business

The co-owners (and father-daughter team) of New York City's famous Strand Bookstore tell us about the future of their business. p13


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