Insights Magazine Spring 2018

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Thriving Amid a Sea of Change

Wherever we look nowadays we see one common theme: Change. Sometimes it’s positive and other times it’s not. Sometimes it’s obvious, but occasionally it can sneak up on us. Regardless of its nature, change inspires us to challenge some of our long-held assumptions.

We’ve devoted this spring issue of Insights to change, how to respond to it, and how to make it work for us. Our cover story features what’s likely to be the biggest and most obvious change affecting your finances, the recently enacted tax reforms. In “Should Tax Reform Reshape Your Portfolio?” (page 4) and “Rethinking Your Financial Plan in the New Tax Landscape” (page 6), we explore some of the ways you may want to tailor your investments and long-term financial strategies for the new tax rules.

Sometimes the biggest changes start close to home. For instance, here you’ll find fresh perspectives on age-old investments like agricultural farming (“The New Harvest,” page 3). And if you’re taking over a new business, it’s important to get a clear picture of what you’re getting yourself into, a process we take on in “Business Succession Questions to Ask” (page 10). Change can also come on the personal front, and this issue takes a look at the financial side of divorce in “Making a Whole out of Half” (page 12).

We hope this issue gives you ideas to discuss with your Private Wealth Advisor about how to continue to adapt, evolve and thrive amid the sweeping change that every day seems to deliver.

The New Harvest

High-tech farming can provide opportunities for yield and diversification. p1

A Full House

Looking forward to an empty nest? You may have to adjust your expectations. p2

Claiming Social Security

Delaying when you claim could have benefits, but it may not be the best move for everyone. p3

Tax Reform and the Markets

What the new tax code means for investors—and for a handful of key market sectors. p4

The Tax Landscape and Your Plan

The new tax law might be an occasion to rethink your long-term financial planning decisions. p6

Tips When Taking Over

Eight important questions to ask when acquiring or inheriting a company. p10

Making a Whole Out of a Half

Divorce can be hard. Here are tips to make the financial challenges less daunting. p12

Deal of a Lifetime

Business broker Don Smith shares his insights on selling family businesses. p13


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