Insights Magazine Summer 2016

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The Future of Business is Here

This issue of Insights—The Future of Business is Here—explores how rapid digitalization has ushered us into a booming technological age, and that is changing how we work in fundamental ways. Here are a few things that businesses need to consider for their futures.

We know that business owners always have the future on their minds. Yet with so many daily tasks, planning for that future can consistently end up on the back burner. For this summer issue of Insights, we looked at what future technology really means for those of you running businesses today.

Whether you run a law office or manufacturing plant, thinking about the way you use technology in your business plan is key to your continued success. Our cover story, “The Future of Business Is Here,” explores what future technology means to your operations, production, funding and much more.

We address some of the cybersecurity concerns small businesses may face—from network breaches to email scams—in “Cybersecurity for the Small Business.” Most businesses are reliant on some level of digital capabilities, and Andy Hernandez, Head of eBusiness at Regions, talks through five steps to start succession planning in the digital age.

You’ll find insights on how to think about your portfolio in a time of market uncertainty. “Unplug Your TV and Log Off” explores what the 24/7 news cycle means for investors. Alan McKnight, Chief Investment Officer for Regions Asset Management, explains why investors shouldn’t panic or stray from their long-term financial objectives just because there’s uncertainty in the market.

Money of the Future

Cash may be considered king, but new forms of digital currency are emerging. p1

Unplug Your TV and Log Off

Daily market volatility can drive us mad, so focus on the long haul. p2

The Work-Life Balance of Tomorrow

Intelligent machines will continue to change how we live and work. p3

Setting a Course for Uncertain Markets

With slow growth ahead, now is a time for considering long-term investment opportunities. p4

The Future of Business Is Here

Rapid digitalization is changing how we work in fundamental ways. p6

Cybersecurity for the Small Business

Here’s how owners can protect their companies and employees without breaking the budget. p10

Cybersecurity for the Small Business

Here’s how owners can protect their companies and employees without breaking the budget. p12

Inside the Foundation

The director of Ruffner Mountain rethinks operations at the nonprofit nature preserve. p13


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