Wealth Insights Magazine Winter 2019

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The New Retirement

No matter what we do for a living, most of us dream of retirement. But those dreams, and how we achieve them, are changing.

As we explore in “New Trends in Planning for Retirement” (page 6), the time has come to re-examine the tools, environment and strategies we use to build that retirement, as well as the kinds of retirement people are planning for. And in “Planning for Retirement: Making the Big Pivot” (page 4), we look at one of the greatest challenges of retirement—the shift from saving to relying on your savings and investments for income.

But retirement is different for everyone and can be a unique challenge for owner operators. We place a special focus on just those challenges in “Beyond Cashing Out: When Business Owners Retire” (page 10), which compares choices ranging from cashing out, to leasing business assets, to retaining an ownership stake in the company after you depart.

Even as you prepare for retirement, there are new transitions popping up every day. One possible transition, with the largest potential financial consequences, may be marriage. In “Why You Need a Financial Plan Before You Tie the Knot” (page 12) we look at ways to make sure you enter your new union with your eyes open and key assets protected.

So, as you prepare for the next big change in your life, whether it’s retirement or marriage, this issue of Insights has a lot to offer. Talk with your Wealth Advisor about how to plan for the upcoming transitions in your life. Together we can help you plan to make the next big change in your life a positive one.

A Prescription for Financial Health

Doctors face unique financial challenges, but the right plan can make all the difference. p1

Digital Protection

How to create the online defense your family needs. p2

No Wallet? No problem!

New ways to pay offer greater flexibility and control. p3

Making the Big Pivot

How to gracefully navigate the transition from an accumulating lifestyle to a spending one. p4

Planning for the New Retirement

Longer lives, lower yields and expensive health care—here’s how to keep your retirement dreams alive. p6

When Business Owners Retire

Understanding your options can help you choose the exit strategy that’s right for you. p10

Your Fiancé and Your Finances

As you prepare for the big day, here are a few ways to safeguard your assets. p12

Why I Do What I Do

Helping clients through every aspect of their financial lives motivates this Regions Private Wealth Advisor. p13


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