Wealth Insights Magazine Winter 2022

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2022 Is Here. What’s Your Plan?

Throughout the past 22 months, we have remained focused on the things we can control. As the world faces the long tail of the pandemic and the uncertainty it continues to bring, there are steps you can take now to keep your wealth plan on track. This issue of Insights aims to help you focus on the things within your control to help guide you for the year ahead.

In “2022 Is Here. What’s Your Plan?” (page 6), we focus on positioning your portfolio and financial needs in a global context by providing key lessons that may benefit both your portfolio and overall wealth plan. For investors who have watched inflation skyrocket, “Hedging Against Inflation” (page 1) and “Should You Diversify With Investor Real Estate?” (page 4) provide insights on investments such as timber, real estate and other assets that could help you manage—and benefit from—the risks of higher prices.

The new year may also have you thinking about your family, including their needs and your legacy. In “Giving as a Family” (page 13), we look at three ways to share your love of philanthropy with your loved ones. In “Apples to Apples” (page 10), we look at legacy planning for the family business through a case study of an apple orchard spanning multiple generations.

As 2022 begins, there is no better time than now to focus on achieving your life goals and aspirations. We wish you a happy, healthy and fulfilling new year!

Hedging Against Inflation

Today’s rising prices can require active investment strategies. p1

The LIBOR Transition

A benchmark is being phased out, and it could affect your portfolio. p2

4 Essential Charts About Bitcoin

Big ups, big downs and lots of risk. p3

Aggregate Your Accounts via Apps

How to vet a third-party app and stay safe online. p3

Should You Diversify With Investor Real Estate?

Your goals, time horizon and risk tolerance. p4

2022 Is Here. What’s Your Plan?

Positioning your portfolio and financial needs in a global context. p6

Apples to Apples

What one company’s evolution can teach us about family legacy planning. p10

Managing Your Finances in the Wake of a Loss

Leverage the professionals whom you trust. p12

Giving as a Family

Three options to help your family do good together. p13


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