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Looking Ahead

Should you sell your business? Transfer it to employees, co-owners or family members? It's a big decision. Draw on expertise from your Wealth Advisor to help select the option that's right for you.

Account for Your Family's Needs

Whether your family is involved in your business or not, your succession plan will affect them. Understand current and future tax implications of your plan. And make sure you communicate your vision to your family.

Get Assistance with Business Succession Planning

Protect What You Value

Don’t skimp on insurance for your business. A disability or loss of one key individual could be devastating. Consider key man insurance in addition to life and disability. These plans make buying or selling a business less risky and support your succession plan.

Grow, Protect and Transfer Your Legacy

Prepare a formal plan to transition your involvement in your business. Anticipate the complex legal, tax and business implications. Transferring to family members? Limited partnerships, installment sales and gifting strategies are worth exploring.

Make Plans to Transition Your Business
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