Mortgage Closing Costs

Have questions about mortgage closing costs or the loan closing process? Regions Mortgage is committed to closing your loan on time, every time. Make sure to communicate to your Mortgage Loan Originator if you must close by a certain date so that they may work closely with you and our support teams to ensure your target closing date is met. The "loan closing" is when the finalized loan documents are signed, closing costs are paid and the mortgage funds are disbursed.*

Below are a few suggestions of items you can do ahead of time to ensure a successful and timely mortgage closing:

  • Work with your Mortgage Loan Originator to ensure you provide any additional information and/or documentation required at the time of your loan approval.
  • Work with your Mortgage Loan Originator to select a Regions Mortgage approved Closing Agent for your loan closing.
  • Confirm with the Mortgage Closing Agent if a certified check or money order is required to pay closing costs. Personal checks are not typically allowed.
  • Obtain homeowner's insurance. This required insurance protects you against loss or damage due to theft, fire, or certain weather-related hazards. In some areas, it may also be necessary to obtain flood insurance.
  • Schedule a final walk-through of the home to ensure any required repairs and/or improvements have been completed.
  • Ask your Mortgage Loan Originator to review the final estimates of your closing costs with you at least 24 hours prior to closing.

At the mortgage closing, you'll receive and review some very important documents. If you have any questions about the loan closing documents, please ask the closing agent or your loan originator. You shouldn’t sign final loan documents until all issues are resolved. Here are some documents you'll receive or review at your closing:

Closing Disclosure
This is an itemization of all funds and costs paid by the buyer and seller either at, or prior to, closing. It also includes the APR (Annual Percentage Rate), finance charge, and amount financed. These items should closely reflect the amounts disclosed to you on your Loan Estimate.

Deed of Trust or Mortgage
This document states that Regions receives a lien on your property as security for your loan.

The Note
The note is your binding legal agreement to make payments according to the terms of your mortgage.

*A three-day right of rescission applies to refinances. This is a “cooling-off” period of three business days that allows the customer to rescind, or cancel, some types of home loans and walk away without losing money. For this reason, funds are not disbursed on these loans until the three-day right of rescission has expired.

Additional definitions of common terms to be familiar with during closing can be found in our Closing Costs Definitions.

Whatever your home financing needs, Regions Mortgage is here to help you every step of the way. Please locate a Regions Mortgage Loan Originator or give us a call today at 1-877-536-3286 and we will be happy to assist you in selecting the right loan or answering any questions you may have.