My Mortgage Online Access

Sign up to use Regions' FREE online mortgage access tool called My Mortgage to view your loan information, make address changes, see escrow figures, review account history, request documents, send secure messages to customer service representatives and much more. To enroll, all you need is your loan number, your complete social security number and your current payment amount.

Customer Care - Benefits of My Mortgage
Online access to My Mortgage provides you with access to all of the following features. To access printable forms outside of online access, visit the Mortgage Forms page.

Year End Documents / IRS Statements
With online mortgage access, you'll be able to view your 1098 Tax and Interest information as it becomes available. Simply login to My Mortgage, click on Document Center, and select “View PDF” under Year End Documents / IRS Statements. Your latest Year End Document / IRS Statement will be available for printing. You can also click on the Accounts tab and click Annual Mortgage Information to view a balance summary for the current calendar year.

Amortization Schedules
Request an Amortization Schedule* whenever you want to see a current schedule of your payments. Login to My Mortgage, click on Customer Services, and select Request Amortization Schedule. You will be able to submit a request for an updated Amortization Schedule. You will also find our online mortgage calculators will provide you with answers to your mortgage financing questions.

Copies of Loan Documents
We understand that over the life of your mortgage loan, you may need to request documents from time-to-time. You can send us a secure request and receive a timely response when you Login to My Mortgage.

Simply Login to My Mortgage, choose Contact Us at the top of the page, and then select Compose Message. Include in your message what documents you are inquiring about along with your contact information, should we have any questions.

Electronic Billing
Manage your online mortgage account easily and reduce your mail with electronic statements. You will receive a monthly email notification that your statement is available.

Mortgage Payment Assistance
Regions Mortgage Payment Assistance Department is dedicated to working with customers who are experiencing hardships in making their mortgage payments. We have information about a number of options that can assist you with debt management to help mitigate potential future damage to your credit record and, in many cases, to enable you to keep your home.

If you are interested in exploring the options that are available, please download, complete, and sign one of these forms:

Uniform Borrower Assistance Form (English) (pdf)*

Uniform Borrower Assistance Form (Español) (pdf)*

It is also important that we understand your current situation to be able to provide the best alternatives for you. Toward that effort, please also include the following information along with the signed Uniform Borrower Assistance Form:

  • A letter describing your financial situation/reason for default
  • Most recent pay stubs for one full month, or a year-to-date statement if self-employed
  • Copies of your last two checking and savings account statements

Please fax all information to 1-800-256-7200 or send to the following address:

Regions Mortgage
PO Box 18001
Hattiesburg MS 39404-8001

Our goal is to assist you during these difficult times. The above information is required before we can begin the evaluation process to determine the best options available for you. We truly want to work with you to determine the best solution for all parties. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 1-800-748-9498.

Make a Payment
With your online mortgage access account, you have several options available when making a payment to your mortgage loan. To learn more, simply login to My Mortgage, select “Payments” and then “Payment Methods” and you can consider which payment method works best for you:

  • Mail
    • Regions Mortgage
      P.O. Box 2153
      Department 2520
      Birmingham, AL 35287-2520
  • ACH (automatic draft)
  • Internet Banking Customer
  • Regions Bill Payment Service at Regions.com
  • Payment by Phone/Web
  • Pay by Branch

Opt Out of Solicitation
If you prefer not to receive solicitations from Regions, please contact us at 800-240-2948 and we will process your request to stop all solicitations from our company.

Payoff Quote
As an online mortgage customer, you can request a payoff quote via your online mortgage account. Just Login to My Mortgage, select Customer Services, and choose Request Payoff Balance. You can then request how you want to receive your payoff information, via mail, fax or email; plus, tell us when you want the payoff date "as of" as well as the reason for the payoff request.

Please remember a payoff statement should be ordered only if the borrower intends to pay off or refinance the loan within the next 30 days. Otherwise, delays in the payment of insurance or tax bills may result. If you would like an estimated payoff quote, please call our Customer Service at 1-800-986-2462.

PMI/MIP Release Requirements
If you are an online mortgage customer, you can request to receive information regarding our PMI/MIP Release Requirements by simply logging in to My Mortgage, choose Contact Us at the top of the page, and then select Compose Message. Be sure to include in your message that you are inquiring regarding PMI/MIP Release Requirements.

Update Contact Information
Please note: If you have a legal name change due to marriage or divorce or if either borrower is now deceased, you must mail copies of the appropriate legal documents (such as marriage certificate, complete divorce decree, court order, etc.). A signed W-9 should also be submitted. Please include your loan number on all correspondence and documentation you send to us. Documents should be mailed to:

Regions Mortgage
Attn: Name Change Dept.
PO Box 18001
Hattiesburg, MS 39404-8001

View Payment History
With your online mortgage access account, you can view your up-to-date payment history at your convenience. Just Login to My Mortgage and select Accounts, and then Mortgage Payment History. You can view detailed payment information including how your payment was applied.  The payment history available online is current through the close of business on the last business day.

Security You Can Trust
In the My Mortgage online access tool we use data encryption to protect your information as it's passed between you and Regions. We employ firewalls and filtering routers to protect your transactions once they're inside our system. Please read our Privacy Pledge for more information about privacy and security. Our Privacy & Security pages outline ways to keep your information secure.


* Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view this file. Click here to download a free copy of this software.