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Your business is your life. Whether you’re an entrepreneur just starting out or you’re managing a large organization, we’ve got the guidance, tools and resources for your business.

Business Tools and Resources

Ready, set, grow. Next Step for Business offers a wide range of resources designed to help you make smarter, more informed business decisions while empowering you to achieve your personal and professional goals.


Looking for guidance as you set and work toward your business targets? From finance and risk management to operations and innovation, explore our vast library of insights designed to support you and help you in your business endeavors.

Business Calculators

From inventory management to business loan comparison tools, our interactive business calculators can help you assess the best path toward your business goals.

Employee Financial Wellness Seminars

Empower your employees to achieve their financial goals with in-person and virtual financial wellness workshops. Each seminar is led by a knowledgeable Regions associate and will provide helpful handouts, online tools and advice tailored to your team’s needs.


Gain in-depth financial insights from our experienced bankers, advisors and guests. Whether you’re managing a busy career or growing a small business, these informative podcasts can help you learn new strategies to take your personal goals, business and career to the next level.

Commercial Insights Magazine

Commercial Insights offers Regions Commercial Banking's perspective on current economic issues, as well as provides timely tools, industry experience and actionable insights. Explore the latest issue below.

Manage Your Business with Regions

No matter what stage you’re in, Regions is here to support you. Explore our business services and offerings for companies of all sizes.

Guidance for Your Business

Growing Your Business

Steer your business in the right direction with advice and tools from Regions Next Step. From business planning and growth strategies to employee management tips, we’ve got the insights you need to grow your business.

Career Growth and Development

Let’s get growing. Regions Next Step has guidance and advice to help you advance your career and make progress toward your professional goals.

Protecting and Supporting Your Business

Operational efficiency and proper risk management are critical to sustaining the health of your enterprise. Learn how to protect and grow your dream with these tips for running a high-performing business.

Business Webinars

Fighting Business Fraud: Prevention & Awareness Tips COMING SOON

In challenging economic times, businesses and employees may be more vulnerable to fraud schemes and scams. Awareness and education are key to helping prevent these types of crimes. In this webinar, we’ll address today’s most prevalent types of fraud, strategies for identifying potential scams and helpful practices and tips to ensure you and your employees stay vigilant.

Business Finance Advice from the Millennial Money Man COMING SOON

Bobby Hoyt, the Millennial Money Man, shares business finance advice in the webinar, How to Grow and Finance Your Business. Watch on-demand for a discussion on innovative ideas for marketing your business, advice from a banker for applying for a business loan, and guidance on strategically building your business network.

How to Prepare Your Business for Disasters and Unexpected Disruptions COMING SOON

Disasters and disruptions can happen without warning, impacting your finances and how you operate. In this on-demand webinar, we’ll discuss a variety of scenarios, steps you can take to help safeguard your finances and maintain cash flow, and actionable tips to help improve your business’ resiliency. You’ll hear from experienced Regions professionals, including Business Resilience Leader Royal Bennett, Treasury Management Relationship Manager Leslie Lucas and Financial Wellness Next Step Educator Donna Medina.

Today’s Business Needs

Regions is committed to providing the financial advice and guidance you may need during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. For more information, including how Regions is responding to the outbreak and what we’re doing to support our customers and communities, please see our COVID-19 Update.

Manage Your Business Finances Digitally

When you can’t visit a bank branch, online banking and mobile services make managing your finances simple and convenient. From wire transfers and payroll to advanced check monitoring, digital services can help you keep your business one step ahead.

What We’re Watching in the Markets

Stay updated on the ways COVID-19 is impacting movements in the financial markets. Here you’ll find market commentary and economic updates, as well as resources on business continuity planning, pandemic preparedness, understanding the CARES Act and more.

Navigating Small Business Loans

Learn more about the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) of the CARES Act, or explore other small business financing options that may be available to you during this time.

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More Financial Resources from Regions Next Step

Looking for tips and tools for reaching your financial goals? Next Step’s online collection is full of articles, podcasts, worksheets, calculators and other useful resources to help you break your plans down into manageable and achievable steps.

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