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Raising a Financially Fit Family

Set your family up for financial success through all of life's milestones.

Build a Healthy Budget

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Family Living on a Budget

Sticking to a budget takes discipline, especially when you’re wrangling multiple people’s needs and wants. Learn how to involve your spouse and kids in order to make your household budget family-friendly.

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Teaching Kids about Money Management

No matter their age, the financial lessons you teach your children today can help shape their approach to money management throughout their lives. Explore our tips for teaching your kids about money and budgeting.

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Staying on Track

Life changes fast, and the bigger the change, the more it can impact your budget. Here’s how to assess your financial wellbeing, keep your budget on track, and ensure you’re well-prepared for whatever life throws your way.

Money Matters: Managing Family Finances Together

When it comes to family finances, everyone can play a role. In this webinar, Jessica Turner, The Mom Creative, and Shaun Collings, a Financial Wellness Relationship Manager at Regions, explore how to teach your kids about money management and share advice from their own experiences.

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Strengthen Your Savings

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Money-Saving Tips

Saving can be hard when it feels like you’re stretching every dollar. You might be surprised how much money you can save when you try these practical strategies.

Pay Off Debt or Save?

In times of economic uncertainty, you might wonder whether you to pay down debt or save more funds for a rainy day. Here’s what to consider.

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Savings Strategies

Whether you’re just starting your savings journey or need a refresh, these tips can help get you on track to reaching your financial goals.

Talking with Your Partner About Money

It's important to talk about financial goals and plans when building a financial future with your partner. Schedule a ‘money-talk date’ and use these tips for making the conversation easier.

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Financial Wellness Resources for the Entire Family

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Scholastic Virtual Learning for Kids

It’s never too early to teach children about the importance of financial responsibility. That’s why Regions Next Step teamed up with Scholastic on Adventures in Math – a free educational program providing families and teachers with math resources and activities for children in kindergarten through 8th grade.

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Financial Learning Center for Students and Adults

Improve your financial IQ and learn how to make informed money management decisions through our short, engaging courses available in the Next Step Financial Learning Center. Each course takes ten minutes to complete and can be accessed via your mobile device, tablet or desktop computer.

Internet Safety and Fraud Prevention

In today’s connected world, protecting your family is important. Use these Regions Next Step resources to learn how to keep your family safe, both online and off, from identity theft and fraud.

Next Step Podcasts

Ready to improve your money management skills? Give your financial knowledge a boost with the Next Step Podcast collection. These quick, educational podcasts can help you discover new strategies and tips to help you achieve your personal and business goals.

Downloadable Worksheets

When it comes to money management, careful planning and good organization are key. Our free planning worksheets can help you stay organized and show you how to break your goals down into manageable, achievable steps.

Guest Advice on Family Finances

Check out insights from Jessica Turner at The Mom Creative, Crystal Paine at Money Saving Mom, and Allison Baggerly at Inspired Budget to help you jumpstart family budgeting and savings in our featured guest posts below.

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The Financial Literacy Coach's Advice on Making a Money Game Plan for Tough Times

Smart money management can help you stay in control of your finances, especially when COVID-19 has made a huge impact on our daily lives. Join us for this webinar for advice on budgeting, saving and planning to fit your financial needs.

In this webinar, Eric Smith, The Financial Literacy Coach, joins Joye Hehn, Next Step Financial Education Manager for Regions, for a discussion about how to adjust your financial game plan for today’s challenging economic scenario.

Eric Smith has more than 28 years of experience in the financial industry. As a financial literacy speaker, Eric has shared his programs to tens of thousands of collegiate student athletes across the country. He has also presented at many NFL rookie camps, NCAA-NFL Life Skills Summit, the NCAA Leadership Forum, and the 2013 NBA Draft Program. Eric has also taught financial success programs to many of the NBA D-League teams and in corporations across America.

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EverFi Family Portal

Regions has teamed up with social impact education innovator EVERFI to provide 20+ digital courses at no cost for K-12 students across the Regions Bank footprint as part of our community engagement efforts.

EVERFI traditionally implements these K-12 courses in a classroom setting, but in response to the extended shutdown of our nation’s schools, we are working with them to provide parents and students with direct access for a limited time.

Simply visit the EVERFI Family Portal, select your state and child’s school name, and you’ll receive the full catalog of age-appropriate courses.

Money Management Tips for Teens

Whether you’re just starting high school or getting ready for college, these resources offer tips on learning money management basics and building strong financial habits.

Financial Fitness for College Students

Smart money moves during your child’s college years can put you a step ahead after graduation. Check out the resources below and more here to study up.

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Saving for College

Incremental college expenses like parking and meal plans can sometimes derail even the most well-thought-out budget. Here’s what to include in your college savings plan, plus ways to lighten the financial load.

Funding Your Education

When it comes to paying for college, knowledge is power. Learn more about the financial aid process and explore the various funding options that may be available to you, from scholarships and grants to federal and private student loans.

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Budgeting Tips for Students

College life can be expensive, but creating a budget doesn’t have to be hard. Keep your budget in check with a realistic plan that covers common college expenses — without forcing you to survive on ramen noodles.

More Financial Resources from Regions Next Step

Looking for tips and tools for reaching your financial goals? Next Step’s online collection is full of articles, podcasts, worksheets, calculators and other useful resources to help you break your plans down into manageable and achievable steps.

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