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Tune in for Next Step Podcasts – a collection of quick, educational podcasts filled with tips and advice to help you work toward and achieve your unique financial goals. Explore the podcast series to learn new financial strategies, improve your money skills and move your life forward.

Next Step Podcast Series

The series allow you to browse through the Next Step Podcasts by personal finance topic. Choose a series to access podcasts that can help you refresh your knowledge of the basics or master new skills.

Boost Your Money Management Skills

Check out these Next Step Podcasts to help you improve your financial know-how.

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Spotlight on Savings

With the right plan, you can reach your savings goals in no time. Listen for tips on saving for anything from everyday expenses to your dream vacation.

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Better Budgeting

Creating and sticking to a budget is key to keeping your finances in order. Check out these podcasts for tips on making your budget easy and manageable.

next step credit basics

Credit Basics

Your credit score is an essential part of your financial health. Listen to learn everything from establishing credit to achieving better scores.

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Insights for Students

Our Insights for Students podcast series can help prepare you for financial success before, during and after college. Listen to learn about how to plan your goals, manage student loans and transition from classroom to workplace.

Home Ownership 101

From your first home to renovations, get prepared for every step as a homeowner. Listen as Regions experts guide you through the process.


Raising a Financially Fit Family

Simplify family savings. Learn how to fast track your financial goals and maximize your savings with our featured podcast on money-saving tips for daily life and check out more insights for the Financially Fit Family. (7:27)

Jon Kucharski on Tips for Avoiding Bank Fraud

In this featured podcast, Jon Kucharski, Senior VP and Head of Fraud Governance and Strategy at Regions Bank, shares his top tips for staying away from recent banking scams that are targeting students. Listen to learn about different types of student fraud, what red flags to watch out for, and what to do if you suspect a scam is taking place. (11:00)


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