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Next Step Podcasts

Ready to improve your money management skills? Give your financial knowledge a boost with the Next Step Podcast collection. These quick, educational podcasts can provide you with new money management strategies and tips to help you move your life forward.

Boost Your Money Management Skills

You've got a goal, and we've got the tools to help you achieve it. Choose a topic to explore podcast episodes designed to help you improve your financial know-how.

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Spotlight on Savings

There’s no time like the present to re-evaluate your approach to saving. Explore our Spotlight on Savings podcasts series for tips — you might be surprised how you’re able to save with these practical strategies.

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Better Budgeting

Creating and sticking to a budget is key in keeping your finances in order. Check out the Better Budgeting podcasts for tips on making your budget easy and manageable so you can enjoy all of life’s moments.

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Credit Basics

Your credit score is an essential part of your financial wellness. Whether you’re just getting started on your credit journey or are already well-established, we’ve got tips to help get you get on track. Explore our Credit Basics podcasts to learn everything from establishing credit to improving your score.

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Insights for Students

Our Insights for Students podcast series can help prepare you for financial success before, during and after college. Listen to learn about how to plan your goals, manage student loans and transition from classroom to workplace.

Home Ownership 101

Whether you’re purchasing your first home or budgeting for renovations, the Home Ownership 101 podcasts can help you prepare for every step as a homeowner. Listen as Regions guides you through the process.

Private Wealth Management

Hear from Regions’ experienced Wealth professionals about today’s big financial topics - from personal finance and retirement strategies to managing investments and business expansion.

Guidance for Your Business Goals

Next Step for Business

From starting a business to taking your career to new heights, our Next Step for Business podcast series offers to help you on the path to success.

Young Professionals

Whether you’ve just accepted your first job or are building your business, tune in for tips to help you on the path toward your career goals.

Commercial Insights Podcasts

Listen for timely information and strategies from Regions’ Commercial Banking professionals that can help you navigate business challenges, prepare for the future, and make the most of opportunities on the horizon.

Jon Kucharski on Tips for Avoiding Bank Fraud

In this featured podcast, Jon Kucharski, Senior VP and Head of Fraud Governance and Strategy at Regions Bank, discusses new banking scams that are targeting students. Learn about different types of student fraud, what red flags to watch out for, and what to do if you suspect a scam is taking place. (11:00)

Jon Kucharski

More Financial Resources from Regions Next Step

Looking for tips and tools for reaching your financial goals? Next Step’s online collection is full of articles, podcasts, worksheets, calculators and other useful resources to help you break your plans down into manageable and achievable steps.

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