Next Step Podcasts: Better Budgeting

Build Your Budget

Our Better Budgeting podcast series can help you create and stick to the ideal budget for your financial needs. Listen to improve your budgeting skills so you can keep your finances in order and enjoy all of life’s moments.

woman doing yoga in her home with dog

How to Balance Your Budget


girl making an online purchase

How to Budget Using Prepaid Cards


asian parents helping their young daughter in the kitchen

Budgeting for Groceries



Create a Monthly Budget

Creating a monthly budget doesn’t have to be complicated. In this podcast, you’ll learn about six easy steps for building a budget that can help make every dollar matter and get you on track to reaching your financial goals. (4:39)

Tips for Family Budgeting

Getting your family to live on a set budget is made easier when the whole family is involved. Listening to this podcast will give you tips for setting a strategy and responsibilities for reaching your family savings goals. (4:18)


Budgeting for Any Lifestyle

From budgeting the decision to stay home, to budgeting with a variable income, our Next Step Podcasts can help you budget for any changes in income.

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Budgeting the Decision to Stay Home


african american man in a yellow sweater at the office

How to Budget After Landing Your First Job


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Budgeting with a Variable Income


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