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Next Step Financial Podcast: Better Budgeting

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Each episode features money management strategies and tips to help
give your financial knowledge a boost.

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Build Your Budget

Creating and sticking to a budget is key to keeping your finances in order. Our Better Budgeting podcasts can help you improve your budgeting skills and keep your finances healthy so you can enjoy all of life’s moments.

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How to Balance Your Budget


girl making an online purchase

How to Budget Using Prepaid Cards


asian parents helping their young daughter in the kitchen

Budgeting for Groceries


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Create a Monthly Budget

Creating a monthly budget doesn’t have to be complicated. In this podcast, you’ll learn about six easy steps for building a budget designed to help you make the most of every dollar and get you on track to achieving your financial goals. (4:39)

Tips for Family Budgeting

Sticking to a budget takes discipline, especially when you’re wrangling multiple people’s needs and wants. This episode will give you tips for setting a strategy and teach you how to involve your spouse and kids in order to make your household budget family-friendly. (4:18)

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Budgeting for Any Lifestyle

Life can change pretty fast, but a good budget can help you stay on track. From budgeting for the decision to stay home with your kids to financial planning with a variable income, our Next Step Podcasts can help you prepare for any changes in income.

a mother laughing with her two sons in the park

Budgeting the Decision to Stay Home


african american man in a yellow sweater at the office

How to Budget After Landing Your First Job


older woman using a tablet and smiling

Budgeting With a Variable Income


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