Next Step Podcasts: Insights for Students

Take the guesswork out of student finances with our Insights for Students podcast series. Tune in for advice on how to plan your goals, manage student loans and set yourself up for financial success before, during and after college.

Ace Your College Finances

Whether you’re heading to campus for the first time or getting ready for graduation, these podcasts provide tips for creating a financial plan for your daily college life. Listen for savings, budgeting and planning tips that can help lighten your financial load.

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Saving for College: How Much Will You Need? 


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FAFSA and the Student Loan Process


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Finding Scholarships


5 Financial Terms to Know Before College

Before you begin your first year of college, get familiar with these money terms to better understand and manage your personal finances. (5:17)

Budgeting for Daily College Life

Once tuition has been paid and books have been bought, there still remains college expenses for your personal and daily college life. Learn how to create a college budget and stick to it. (3:31)

Creating a Financial Plan for the First Year of College 

Even with its hefty price tag, tuition doesn't capture all the costs, particularly for students in their first year of college. Creating a realistic plan can help minimize unexpected expenses that could pop up throughout the year. (5:19)

After You Graduate

Leaving college and entering the “real world” can be intimidating, but we know that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Theses podcasts have advice for students to help make the transition easier.

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Preparing for Life After College


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How to Budget After Landing Your First Job


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How to Afford a New Degree


Managing Student Loan Debt

Careful planning can help you repay your student loans responsibly. Tune in for advice on managing and paying off your loans.


More Resources for Students

For more advice and tools to help get your student finances in order, visit our Insights for Graduates page. No matter if you’re preparing for your freshman year or recently graduated, this page has the articles, podcasts, budget calculators and more to keep you on the right track.

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