Explore Visa Credit Card

Start building positive credit history with responsible use of the Explore Visa Credit Card. Apply today with a $250 minimum opening deposit in an Explore Card Savings Account1.

Move forward with an Explore secured card

Take a step toward a solid financial future by applying for the Explore Visa®

 Credit Card. The funds you deposit in an Explore Card Savings Account will secure your credit card obligations while earning interest at the same time.1 Responsible use of the Explore Credit Card can help you build a positive credit history and possibly qualify you for a refund of your security deposit.2

Explore card at a glance

  • $250
    Minimum security deposit that may be refundable2
  • $
    Earn Cash Back with Regions Offers℠
  • $29
    Annual Fee3

Credit Card Control

Regions LockIt® gives you the power to customize how, when and where your credit card can be used.

Alerts to Verify Card Activity

If we see something suspicious, we may text, email and/or call you to determine whether you authorized the transaction.

Visa Zero Liability Policy4

You're not responsible for unauthorized transactions made with your Visa credit card, online or offline.

Card details

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Simplify online shopping with Click to Pay

Register your Regions Explore Credit Card and then click to pay where you see this icon Visa Click to Pay icon.7

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