How does the new Prestige card offer work?

New Prestige Visa® Signature cardholders will earn:

  • 3% cash back on dining and entertainment purchases
  • 2% cash back on gas and grocery purchases
  • 1% cash back on all other purchases

Cash back is earned in the form of Relationship Rewards points. Each purchase will earn at least 1 Relationship Rewards point per $1 spent, so 3% on a $100 purchase would earn 3 Relationship Rewards points.

Relationship Rewards can be redeemed for a direct deposit into a Regions account, a statement credit, travel, gift cards and more. Learn more about Relationship Rewards.

Additional cash back on entertainment, dining, gas and grocery purchases are awarded based on the merchant category code (MCC) assigned to the merchant where you made the purchase. Regions does not control which MCC a merchant is assigned; it is based on the primary good or service the merchant sells. If a merchant's MCC does not match the MCC for one of these categories, 1% cash back will be awarded for the purchase. For example, a purchase from a restaurant inside a hotel may be classified as "lodging" rather than "dining" and will earn 1% rather than 3% cash back.

Purchases made using third-party payment accounts, some virtual card readers or wallets, or other similar technology may not qualify for additional rewards if the technology is not classified in an eligible category.

Entertainment purchases

Entertainment purchases include those made at movie theatres, arcades, bowling alleys, aquariums, amusement parks, public golf courses and other merchants classified as entertainment venues. You won't earn 3% for most streaming services, casino purchases or lottery tickets. Entertainment purchases made through a third-party vendor that does not categorize themselves under one of the qualifying merchant category codes will earn 1% cash back.

Dining purchases

Dining purchases include those made at restaurants and other eating places, including fast food restaurants. Some restaurants may be assigned a different category; for example, a purchase from a restaurant inside a hotel may be classified as "lodging" rather than "dining" and will earn 1%, rather than 3% cash back.

Grocery purchases

Grocery purchases include most purchases made at grocery stores, supermarkets, bakeries and other food stores. Purchases made at wholesale clubs or discount stores do not qualify for 2% cash back. Some merchants may be assigned different MCCs depending on the type of store (supermarket or specialty location) and method of transaction (online, mobile, in-person).

Gas purchases

Gas purchases include those made at merchants categorized as automated fuel dispensers or service stations. Purchases at fuel dealers or electric-vehicle charging stations do not qualify. Regions will award cash back based on how the merchant has classified each transaction. For example, sometimes service stations classify transactions differently depending on whether they are made inside the store or at the fuel pump.

Earn even more with Regions Rewards Multiplier

You can earn even more rewards by registering for Regions Rewards Multiplier [1] and maintaining certain balances in your Regions personal checking and other deposit accounts.

For instance, a registered customer who maintains $35,000 in Regions deposit balances will earn 3.5% in dining purchases made with a new Prestige credit card.