Pay with predictability
Split large credit card purchases into a fixed-rate Term It® Plan

Need a little extra time to pay off a recent credit card purchase? Regions offers Term It® as a way to create fixed payment plans on eligible purchases.

What is Regions Term It?

Term It lets you split up an eligible purchase of $100 or more into fixed monthly payments that fit your budget. Interest rates are fixed and may even be lower than your credit card's standard APR. Plus, you still earn rewards on your qualifying purchases.

How Term It works

It's easy to check for offers using the mobile app or Online Banking. View your recent credit card purchases to see which qualify.

Check for Term It Offers

In the mobile app or Online Banking, navigate to the Term It tab within your credit card account, and view offers on eligible purchases.

Select a qualifying purchase

Choose a large credit card purchase to convert into a plan that fits your budget.

Choose a fixed-rate plan that works for you

Choose the months and the APR that work for you. The APR offered may be lower than your standard account APR.

A plan for unplanned expenses

Sometimes, things come up. Term It gives you a way to manage the unexpected. Each plan option comes with a fixed rate, and there’s no fee for using Term It.

A way to break up a big purchase

Term It gives you flexibility to pay off a big purchase over time. Choose from three different monthly payment plan options to fit your budget.

No extra payment to remember

Your monthly Term It payment is automatically included in your credit card’s minimum payment due each month. There’s no additional payment to keep track of.

Top Term It FAQs

  • Term It is available to qualifying cardholders on eligible purchases.

    An eligible purchase transaction for Term It is a purchase that has posted to your credit card account recently (generally, within the past two billing cycles) and are at least a specified dollar amount that we determine (generally $100). Eligible purchases will be identified within Regions Online Banking or the mobile app under the Term It tab.

    Please note, eligibility to convert a purchase is based on a variety of factors, including the status of your credit card account and your credit and payment history.

    You may not see any Term It offers because:

    • None of your purchases meet our criteria for a Term It offer
    • Introductory or other promotional Annual Percentage Rates currently apply to your account
    • Your account is closed to new charges.

    We may choose not to make offers if a payment on your account has been late or returned unpaid to us for any reason, or your account is otherwise in default under the Credit Card Agreement.

  • If you earn Relationship Rewards Points or Cash Rewards on a purchase that is eligible for Term It, you'll still earn Relationship Rewards Points or Cash Rewards on that purchase. If a purchase is converted to a Term It Plan after the purchase, you won't earn additional Relationship Rewards Points or Cash Rewards.

  • No, there is no fee for using Term It. Interest will be charged on the outstanding balance of the Plan at the rate disclosed in your Term It offer. Other account fees, such as late payment fees, may still apply.

  • No. You are required to make only one minimum payment each month on your credit card account. This Total Minimum Payment Due will include the payment due on your Term It Plan(s) and the minimum amount due on any other account balances. You should pay your total minimum payment due by the payment due date shown on each monthly credit card account statement.

    If you have questions about how to view your Term It Plan information, read our FAQs.

    If you’re looking to learn about how Term It payments are deducted, read our FAQ about automatic payments.

  • When we make a Term It offer, it will include multiple options. Each option will include:

    • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
    • Repayment period (i.e., the number of monthly payments)
    • Amount of the monthly payment required to pay off that Plan during that repayment period.

Still have questions? View all of our FAQs to learn more