Loyalty Card

This non-reloadable prepaid Visa®[1] gift card is primarily for promotional and incentive programs, thanking customers or rewarding employees. They can be purchased in bulk and personalized with your company’s name.

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What you get with a Regions Loyalty Visa® Card

Promote your business

Perfect for gift giving

No monthly fee

Accepted by most merchants

Loyalty card details

  • Monthly fees

    • No monthly fee

    Cost of card

    • $3 per card plus a $20 processing fee for the order

    Minimum load

    • $10 - $500 in $5 increments
    • Minimum order of 25 cards

    Card customization options

    • Can be personalized with the company’s name.
  • This card:

    • Offers protection from unauthorized transactions. A replacement card is issued if original is lost or stolen.
    • Has a daily purchase limit of $500 maximum per card, based on card balance.
    • Cannot be used outside the US, to make recurring online payments, or for vehicle rentals.
    • Any remaining balance including this card will expire on the date that is printed on the front of the card.
    • Does not offer cash withdrawals.